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A Guide to Packing Your Wardrobe for a Move

Packing all your clothes is one of the more involved parts of moving. This is because a lot goes into a person’s wardrobe, and different items will need different kinds of care and packing materials. We’re breaking down everything you should consider when packing up all your beloved clothing items. Here’s your guide to packing your wardrobe for a move.

Have a Closet Cleanout

First things first, your move gives you a great reason to go through all the clothes you own. It’s likely that there are some pieces you’re ready to part with. There are plenty of options for selling, donating, or recycling your older items. This will help you narrow your wardrobe down to what you actually plan to wear, and cut down on unnecessary packing efforts.

Set Aside Essentials

Mother and son organizing clothing into containers.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for a piece of clothing you want to wear, and realizing it’s already packed up with all your moving boxes. For this reason, be sure you choose the essential items you’ll want easy access to during the move. If you have kids, have them pick out their items, and make sure everyone has weather-appropriate options on hand.

Separate Pieces by Type

Your packing will run much smoother if you get organized before you begin putting anything away. A great place to start is sorting your items by season. Then, you can separate them by outerwear, shirts, pants, or fabric type. This will not only make the process more streamlined, but you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Choose Your Packing Style

Folding shirts to organize them.

Once you’re ready to start packing up your clothes, you have a few options for how to go about it. Based on your space and packing materials, you can choose how you want to begin. We’ve gathered a few ideas for you below, based on your folded and hanging clothes.

For Folded Clothes

There are different ways you can go about folding your clothes, and sticking to a method is key. You can either choose to fold all your clothing completely flat, or tightly roll them up. Then, you can pick the type of packing containers that work best, which could be a combination of the following:

  • Boxes
  • Suitcases
  • Dresser drawers

For Hanging Clothes

While you can take clothes off their hangers for your move, it’s often more convenient to keep them hung up the entire time. That way when you arrive, it’s that much easier to place them in your new closet. For the items you’re going to keep on hangers, these are our suggested packing containers:

  • Wardrobe box
  • Garment bag
  • Trash bags

Compress When Possible

Vacuum sealing a bag of clothes.

If you have certain items that take up a large amount of space, you might consider using vacuum-sealed bags to transport them. This works well for larger jackets and winter clothes that are on the bigger side. Double-check the item’s material to make sure it’s safe to vacuum seal, and then compress it down. This turns into a huge space saver and makes transportation easier.

Organize Shoes and Accessories

Your shoes and accessories should be packed separately from the rest of your clothes. Keeping these items together ensures that smaller pieces don’t get lost along the way. Shoes can tend to take up a decent amount of space, so it’s best to place them in boxes, heaviest to lightest. For accessories, keep similar items together, like sunglasses or jewelry.

Label As You Go

A woman labeling a moving box while her family packs.

As you’re getting everything taped up in boxes and other containers, be sure you’re taking a thorough inventory of what every box contains. Find a labeling system that works for you, and be consistent. Once you get to the new house and are ready to unpack, you won’t have to wonder what each box contains. Plus, you won’t have to question where your favorite piece of clothing ended up.

Hire a White Glove Moving Company

Megan's Moving company transporting furniture into a home.

Hiring a reliable moving company is an ideal way to go about packing your wardrobe. A full-service moving company does all your packing and unpacking for you, helping you avoid mistakes altogether. Megan’s Moving is a white glove moving company, equipped to help you through every step of your move. Request a free quote from one of our moving experts today!

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