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6 Ways to Make the Process of Moving More Fun

While moving is stressful by nature, there are some ways to ease the stress and even make it more fun. Try these simple tips to improve your mood when moving!While the end result of living in a new place can be exciting, the process of moving from your old place to your new one isn’t typically considered “fun.” There are a lot of tasks to do, mainly packing and the actual move itself, that most people dread.

However, it doesn’t have to be boring and miserable. There are some creative ways to make moving a lot more fun, whether you’re doing it all alone or with your family. Try these simple tips to make your next move more enjoyable.

How to Make Moving Fun

Play music

Music has a way of making any task more bearable, even the ones that are tedious like packing or moving items in and out of rooms. Turn on the radio or play your favorite music on a stereo, television, or even a phone or iPod wherever you’re working. You may even find yourself wanting to dance as you wrap up your dishware. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference in your mood.

Make up games and competitions

If you are packing and moving with your family or friends, you can make things more fun by coming up with some games or competitions. For example, whoever finishes packing their room first gets to choose the restaurant for the evening. Introducing a fun challenge with lift everyone’s spirits and get them more focused on winning the game rather than getting bored with what they are doing.

Decorate some of the boxes

Go to an office supplies or craft store and pick up colorful tape, markers, stickers, and other fun items to personalize a few of the boxes, such as each family member’s essentials box. You can draw on them and have fun making them your own. It will give you a break in the monotony and allow you to express some creativity.

Dress up on moving day

Get everyone matching t-shirts for moving day, wear the same colors, get some funny hats, or even theme your clothes based on your favorite characters or superheroes. The options are endless. Doing something fun with your clothes will add some whimsy to the day and help you all take it a little less seriously.

Plan a celebratory meal

At the end of moving day, have a special meal and dessert planned. Have reservations at your favorite restaurant or order to-go that everyone will love. Then, watch a movie, have a family game night, or plan for something else that you all can look forward to after a long day.

Throw an unpacking party

Get the whole family together or if you live alone, invite some friends over to help you unpack. Order pizza or Chinese food, get some dessert, play music, come up with some games, and make it like a real party as you all tackle the unpacking. Just because it’s a chore doesn’t mean it has to feel like one.

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