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5 Things to Consider When Moving Your Business

If you’re a business owner preparing to relocate, there are a lot of logistics you won’t want to overlook. Commercial moves come with unique challenges that can go beyond the basics of a residential move. There are often a lot more people involved, and the needs for your new space are important to think about. To help you get started on moving your business successfully, check out these five main ideas to consider.


Two men assess an open, empty office space. The walls and flooring is white, and there are beams in the center connecting the floor and ceiling.

In looking for a new home for your business, you’ll want to think about size. Take a look at how you’re using space in your current office or facility, and analyze what you need from a new location. Will you be upsizing? Is it necessary to have more storage space? Whatever it may be, take inventory of everything you’ll be moving with you to the new place. 

It can be helpful to be as detailed with your future layout as possible. This is especially important if you’ll be accommodating staff and clients in the space. If you’ll need more furniture or equipment, plan this out ahead of your move. Be realistic about the needs for your business to run smoothly. After all, having a user-friendly, streamlined setup is the goal. 

Buying vs. Leasing

There are different reasons you may choose to buy or lease commercial real estate. There are a few factors to keep in mind when making this decision. For example, if your business is continuously growing, leasing allows for more flexibility. It can also be cheaper to find a location within an existing development. If you choose to buy, this could benefit you in the future by offering rental potential or tax benefits. 

No matter which route you choose, take into account your budget for commercial real estate, and how you might negotiate. Beyond the initial cost of the property, keep in mind what you might need to cover utilities, renovations, or insurance. There’s nothing worse than being surprised by unexpected costs.


Breaking down a detailed timeline can make a huge difference in your move. It can make or break the experience for everyone involved. A staggered move is always an option for companies. If you choose this option, decide how long you’ll need to have both the old and new office open and running. This can be beneficial for maintaining workflow and allowing time to move pieces of larger equipment or electronics.

Give yourself time to get organized, create an in-depth schedule, and make sure nothing important gets lost in the process. There should be a lot of proactive planning before the actual move begins. Finally, determine when staff will need to be completely moved over to the new location.

Staff Communication

Three young professionals look over an iPad and discuss their commercial move.

Communicating clearly and effectively with any staff you’ll be relocating is crucial. Keep in mind how the new location will affect things like their commute or work setup as you’re choosing the space. Once you’ve decided on the move, you’ll want to give everyone a heads up as soon as you can. You’ll need to continue to keep them informed throughout the duration of the move. Consider different options to prevent any confusion or disturbance to your business. You might have staff work remotely for a set period of time. Whatever you choose to do, keep the conversation open and inclusive. 

Hire a White Glove Moving Company

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Commercial moves require great care. You’ll want to have reliable movers for all of your inventory to be transferred safely. Consider hiring a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving. We can handle moving all your business’ belongings into your new location. Schedule a consultation with one of our moving experts today!

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