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Archive for November 2017

How to Prepare for a Successful Home Inspection

home inspection

If you are selling your home, a home inspection can literally make or break the sale. A bad result from the inspector can lead to a lot of problems, from money out of your pocket to the sale falling through entirely. It’s important that your home make a good impression during the home inspection. Follow…

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How to Pack Up Your Garage for a Move


The garage is often put off as one of the last places people pack up for a move. It’s understandable why – there is a lot of clutter out there that you probably haven’t thought about for years. However, it’s good to tackle the garage sooner rather than later. Follow these tips for packing up…

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Packing Guide: 8 Tips to Make Packing Smooth and Painless


The biggest task when moving is packing up your home. It can feel very daunting to look at everything you own and realize you have to fit it all into boxes. However, it doesn’t have to be as scary as it looks. If you follow the right steps, packing up your home for a move…

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