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5 Tips for Downsizing Made Simple

downsizing made simple

Downsizing your home can be a very freeing experience. It cuts down on clutter and space to maintain, which cuts down on stress. However, the initial process of downsizing can come with some challenges and headaches. If you look at everything you have to do, you’re likely to get overwhelmed. That’s normal. The best thing…

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How to Start Feeling at Home in a New Community

new community

If you are moving to a new area, the experience can be both exciting and overwhelming. Everyone is a stranger and nothing is familiar. The best way to start feeling at home is in a new community is to embrace the newness and dive right in. Focus on the excitement of exploring a new place…

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The Ultimate Move-In Shopping List for a New Home

Shopping List for a New Home

When you pack up and move into a new house, there are a lot of things you’ll have to get rid of along the way. Certain things are too perishable to move, unsafe to move, or you run out of them during the moving process. That leaves you with a need to do some shopping…

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How to Help Pets Adjust to a New Home

a New Home

Moving is a big event for everyone involved, including your pets. While some pets have no issue at all adjusting to a new residence, others find it a bit more difficult. Anxious pets can experience a lot of stress during a move and struggle to adjust to their new environment. To help your pet settle…

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